Plant Exhibitions

Automatic Exposed Imaging
Used for: Inner layer
Qty: 15
Capability as follows,
1. Minimum trace width/spacing: 1.8mil / 1.8mil
2. Deviated tolerance: ≤20um

Automatic Laser Direct Imaging
Used for: Outer layer
Qty: 10
Capability as follows,
1. Minimum trace width/spacing: 1.6mil / 1.6mil
2. Deviated tolerance: ≤10um

Mechanical NC-drilling
Used for: NC-drilling(Buried vias & Through holes), also applicable for mechanical blined vias, and holes with depth controlled
Qty: 255
Brand: Schmoll, Hitachi, Han’s
Capability as follows,
1. Minimum drilled size: 0.15~0.20mm
2. Hole size tolerance: ±0.025mm
3. Positional tolerance: ±0.05mm

Laser Drilling
Used for: Blind vias with laser drilling
Qty: 46
Mitsubishi, Han’s
Capability as follows,
1. Minimum drilled size: 0.075mm
2. Target pad/Capture pad: 0.20mm
3. Hole size tolerance: D±10%

Plating Line
Used for: Plating
Qty: 8
Capability as follows,
1. Aspect ratio: 12:1
2. Uniformity: ≥90%
3. Dimple: ≤20um
4. Filled vias(Vin In Pad): Yes

Oil-Pressure System
Used for: Lamination
Qty: 5
Capacity: 20 million sq.m per month
Capability as follows,
1. Deviated tolerance: ±0.075mm
2. The critical tolerance for laminated board thickness: 20um

EDS tester
Used for checking the constituents in different raw materials.

Quadratic element tester
Used for measuring the contour dimension.

Hole’s precision tester
Used for checking drilled precision and the CPK counts.

Prepreg flowed tester
Used for checking resin flowability.

Plating thickness tester
Used for checking the thickness of Ni,Au,Sn.

Reflow solder tester
Used for checking PCB solderablity.

Cool-thermal cycle tester
Used for checking the resistance change.

High-voltage holding tester
Used for checking the maximum voltage value.

High temperature & high humidity tester
Used for checking Conductive Anodic Filament(CAF).

Peelable strength tester
Used for checking the cohesion of clad copper.

Impedance tester
Used for checking impedance value.

Ion pollution tester
Used for checking Cl contents in PCB surface.

RoHS tester
Used for checking RoHS contents of PCB/PCBA.

Salt spray tester
Used for checking the corrosion of gold surface by SO2.

3D electron microscope
Used for checking the residual prepreg on the botom and the shape of blind vias.

Metallographic microscope
Used for the microcosmic inspection of micro-section.

CVS tester
Used for checking the electroplating bright agent and the wetting agent concentration.

AOI scanning tester for laser drilling vias
Used for checking the dismearing on the bottom of laser drilling vias.

Our PCBA equipments are as follows,
(1)JUKI-2070LV Chip Mounter 3 set
(2)Reflow Soldering Oven 6 sets
(3)Auto Loader &auto-printing machine 7 sets
(4)Wave soldering oven 3sets
(5)ICT machine 5set
(6)AOI Detector 3 sets
(7)Auto Solder Paste Printing Machine 7 sets
(8)FUJI QP42 Chip Mounter 5 Sets
(9)FUJI GP643 Chip Mounter 6 sets
(10)JUKI KE-2050CM Chip Mounter 3 sets
(11)JUKI KE-2060M Chip Mounter 2 set
(12)Auto Picking Machine 4 sets
(13)X-RAY 8200 2 set
(14)Stencil Cleaner 3 set